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Dr. Ramchandra Parnerkar (1916 to 1980) was an intellectual who propounded path breaking ideas and thoughts. Dr. Parnerkar studied a variety of subjects from Philosophy to Cosmogony to Economics, conceptualizing them from both eastern and western thought streams. He submitted a thesis on The Origin of the Universe to Berlin University, while also writing an economics treatise highlighting on the subject of valuation of labor and inefficiencies in food distribution.

Through his studies, he believed that while the circumstances of one’s birth are beyond the control of the individual, motivation for living life on one’s own terms is innate and very much an individual’s own. It is this very innate force that led man to explore/discover nature and develop various art forms, sciences, and subjects. So, every branch of science and art-form came to life for enabling human life.

However, in society today, these aspects are not always intuitive as mankind and technology evolve continuously, leading to confusion and incoherence between a means and an end. Dr. Parnerkar believed that: “Living a healthy and happy life is, was and should be the centerpiece of any science, art-form or stream of thought. Anything otherwise leads to that art-form or science getting obsolete.”

To achieve the goal, he guided and directed many social institutions in India. He continuously strove to up-lift economically deprived families and farmers in rural India. He further motivated lower-middle-class families to embrace education, science and technology.

Dr. Vishnu Ramchandra Parnerkar


Dr. V.R. Parnerkar, the son of Dr.Parnerkar was born on June 29th, 1939, earned a Masters degree in Economics and Law from Indore University.

Dr. V. R. Parnerkar learnt the concept and nuances of life coaching under the tutelage of his father from a very young age. Due to the grounding in managing life, along with a very successful career in law and a fulfilling family life, he carried on his father’s legacy to become a life coach who has guided and mentored thousands of individuals, families, professionals, and entrepreneurs in successfully leveraging their full potential to achieve their life goals. Dr. Parnerkar opened different organizations such as local banks, hospitals, and schools for the development of family and society as a whole. He firmly believes individual’s development is directly proportional to the harmony between family and society. According to him, geography and culture play an important role in managing one's life. This foundation, the brainchild of Dr. V. R. Parnerkar,  creates awareness and enables people of North America to achieve their life goals through a variety of opportunities including educational tutoring, career counselling, youth volunteering, and helping the community come together.

DR. Laxmikant Vishnu Parnerkar


Dr. Laxmikant V. Parnerkar, son of Dr. V. R. Parnerkar was born in Indore, India on October 18th, 1974, under the shelter of sheer wealth of knowledge, in the family of Dr. Parnerkar. His early education at home and in school was deep-rooted with human values, culture and traditions that played an impeccable role and shaped his personality.

He has been instrumental in fostering and strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit. He has been involved in multiple startups in the field of technology, construction, publishing, and health sciences. He firmly believes in entrepreneurship with social responsibility as the key for the development between individuals and their respective societies. He is a keen student of economics and has authored several papers as well as a book. He completed his PhD in Economics from the Swiss School of Business Management Geneva Switzerland.

He is currently focused on combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with human faculty of intuition to maximize benefits of technology to the society.

He is successful businessman for last two decades and regularly travels around the world and interacts with business leaders from different cultures in order to improve collaboration and cross-cultural business development.

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